in my domain, i'm the if u dun lyk anything here, pack up ur shit n leave..

dat gal in blue dress..again..


damn..e gal in e blue dress again..
tdy is black tights wif white top..

saw her @ somerset bus stop but didnt recognise..all e way frm like 167 change 852 @ maritche..den slowly start to recognise..but like 1.5 years ago, almost e same ting happened..diff process..same ending..

damn sian..
but..jus as i'm determined to get my airchair spins n flares..
same grit, diff objective


immatured parents + hangover = fuck

the end..??



if u cant accept my changes, den so be it..face it n grow up..nobody's gonna let u throw ur shit @ dem ur whole life n keep quiet abt it..if u tink e way i am nw is unacceptable..den unacceptable it is..

things used to be good..all close n fam n all..but if dis is e way tings've turned out to be..den fine..i cant be bothered to explain myself anyway..after all..i'll jus be "savin my ass" again huh..i used to tink u all were diff frm e club..turns out dat..dere's nt much diff huh..bboys reali belong to another world..

it reali used to mean much more den jus being a letter in e alphabet..

family guy?



i dunno if watching black hawk down n playing cod4 has made me realise how fragile life is..or mayb i'm jus tryin to save money..but somehow i find myself becoming slightly more family-oriented..

personality quizzes said dat i'd place family first but ahahah didnt reali seem to be e case last time..but tings seem to be abit diff nw..mayb cos i into korean stuff n dey're like quite listen to parents type de den i kena influence..or mayb i'm finally growing up hahahaha..

oh's a good change anyhow..wonder how long it'll last..hope it's permanent haha


damn it's been wad..months since i blogged..??

oh well..ting's o stuff changed..
i knew it was coming man..but i tot mayb if i kept mum abt it mayb it wont happen..well it did anyway..can't say i blame anybody for it too..ppl jus grow up huh..

i guess i'm more disappointed den pissed ba..
oh well..

it used to mean much more..


wow haven't been here for like so damn long..y...?? nt much feel ba haha..

well quick updates over e months

still breaking..proudly reppin eradicate crew nw..had some improvement but nt improving fast enuf haha..i mean come on..i noe it'll nvr be enuf hahaha

haven't been going back to nra for a long time..dun reali intend on going back often either hahaha..

tink i've got e label o a clubber stuck over my forehead's fun but been going alot feel like takin a rest..met quite some nice ppl there though hahaha..

still single, available..?? haha i dunno man i jus wanna haf fun rite nw..

backslide alot frm God alr..tryin to get back up but hahaha easier said den done..

still in army..can't wait to get out..1 year 1 month left man hahah endure..!!

n btw


dope dope dope


damn finally went e new studio tdy..n watch e crew take ter's class

bloody hell..ken n ter damn sick..too sick liao..n jiajun oso haha..he's like smoking everyone la..almost can qie ter alr hahaha..

e floor nt bad nice to break is like e rp stage floor..but e studio like smaller den 73 sia..oh well...doesn't reali concern me haha..

tml internal bian la @ least is oni once haha..damn..i wanna break lol..

ps : i seem to haf done more den i rem when i was drunk lol

dat's me..

  • I'm kiat
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  • hi erm dis is my blog.. it's nt very interesting to read unless u noe me.. i'm nt v tall..n nt v buff either..dey say i'm skinny.. i'm in nra..i like dance..more towards bboying actually..but i'm fine wif locking n lyrical hip hop too..popping is nice oso.. i used to play bball n guitar..pool too..but i dun reali haf lotsa time to spare nw so kinda neglected dem haha.. i'm a any anti-christian dicks can jus buzz off..n i'm anti gays too.. peace n God bless ya'll
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